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Below are excepts from our weekly newsletter. Enjoy! 


As we enter the new year of 2021, we all wish and pray for a less stressful year of worry. But we also have a wonderful opportunity for service to our community.  The Moderna vaccine will be arriving in January to selected communities and we are partnered with some communities that are offering clinics. 
Here is some of the most recent information that has been shared by the Department of Public Health.   We are very connected with Rutland Board of Health and this board has more than a dozen towns signed up to share in a regional clnic for first responders. 

Some anticipated questions are do we need to have one or two volunteers to help with the recording process for Prep-Mod if needed?   
Do we need a practice run prior to the real clinic times?
And the most important question for me- are you ready and willing to help get this vaccine distributed to healthy folks to help prevent them from getting this virus as it is now community acquired?
New information on the virus.. the new variant at this time appears to spread more easily from person to person but does not appear to cause a more serious illness.  Remember this is a virus, and specifically an RNA virus, which like the influenza virus, changes on a regular basis.  They are not particularly stable entities.  And their soul existence is to make more virus. 
The good news is that the vaccines presently available are polyclonal, meaning that the vaccine has the capability to encourage the immune system to develop antibodies that can lock up the virus on more than one point on the virus. So even if it should change, the virus remains vulnerable to the effects of the antibodies.  This is good news but labs and university research are tracking the virus and reading the genetics and if changes are needed, this should mean they are one or two steps ahead of the virus. 
We are looking at all of this and planning for trainings this spring related to the needs of the communities we serve.  Stay tuned...there is much more to come!! 


We are on hiatus from in-person training while we are busy providing assistance to our communities who are responding to COVID-19.

Upcoming trainings. See Calendar Page for virtual options  

See new updated Volunteer Courses Page 

January 28th 7-8 pm

  A webinar will be presented to MRC volunteers  about the coming vaccination clinics.  

  The clinic set up, nuances of a clinic to anticipate and updated information.

  Please register through Survey Monkey (link below)  by January 24th so they  have a tally and you have the zoom link!